Thursday, 24 February 2011

Anyone got the winning lottery numbers?

We went shopping with my parents today as they are looking for a new TV and wanted to go to the big shopping mall in Bristol. Not only did I get half hour of child free time to wander round the fabric department stroking beautiful fabrics but I also found the best Easter egg I've ever seen:

To give you a clue to size the White price tag on the shelf underneath is less than 2x1 inches! It's £65 but wow! You can also partly see the giant chocolate chicken in the background too.
Then I saw this:

They now have the kitchen aid mixers that I've wanted so long in bright pink! The lighting and my phone camera don't do it justice it's beautiful!!! And yes the price tag does say £385!
So if anyone knows the winning numbers for this weekend and would like to share I know where I'll be shopping first!
Anyway Sammy is spending the night at his grandparents so I'm going to have a much needed nap (got to kick this fibro flare!) then hubby has promised to move the bookcase and drawer unit in my craft room so I can start tidying my fabric and wrapping it onto boards :-)

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    Both on the Easter Chocolate Creations and the 'KitchenAid'... Not quite the Kenwood Chef, but it's quite similar and it's PIIIIINK! YUM!
    Am I sad to recognize the shop that carries those price tags?

  2. I would adore one of those mixers too!


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