Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Super excited!!!!!!

Just had a phonecall off my mum and I just had to share it with someone and I figured you guys would be the best people to understand. Mum and I had been talking earlier about how my duck tape dressform had been great in theory but not so great in practice as it had sunk and the back had curved meaning it was no longer accurate :-( I was telling her about this cool dressform I'd found that was fantastic value:
I was saying that when I get my birthday money off my father in law I was going to save it to put towards this. Well mum + Dad had apparently been considering buying me a second sewing machine so that I could have different colours etc set up at once but they weren't sure whether I would get too much use out of that so they have now decided to buy me the dressform for my birthday!!!! I was excited enough at getting it in June but then to make everything even better they told me to go ahead and order it now and I can have it early!
I am one very happy woman!!!!!

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  1. Wow, how kind is that, something you really want and to get it NOW !!! lol


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