Monday, 24 January 2011

Patchwork tea cozy for Father in law

Slightly late but thought I'd show you the tea cozy I made for my father in law for Christmas.
I'd never made one before and as we don't drink tea in large amounts I didn't have one to use as a template so I had to wing it. I made two 6 square panels with thick wadding in-between and flannel lining. I quilted each square to give a nice puffy effect. Then I put the two panels right sides together and sewed up the two short sides, then I used a round tray as a  template to cut the curves at the top. I stitched around the curve and reinforced the sides. then I turned it right way out and bound the edges. He liked it and the colours matched his kitchen tiles perfectly.


  1. must say it's lovely, and colourful, we always had a hole each side for the spout and the handle, or does it just go over his cup? so pleased he loves it.
    Tilly x

  2. Thanks tilly. I'd only ever seen one like this but my dad said the same thing he remembered one from his childhood with holes for the handle and spout. think it was easier without though! LOL


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