Wednesday, 19 January 2011

large patchwork cushion with a successful zip!!!!

An old school friend of mine loves purple and when her old cushion covers were getting old and battered she struggled to replace them because of their size (23" square) so I offered to make some for her. She wasn't sure what she wanted so I suggested this style and she loved them. I ordered a selection of fat quarters from ebay and bought the cream fabric from IKEA. They've been in my to do pile for ages because I was nervous about them and my sewing machine was being temperamental. When I got my machine fixed on the weekend I knew i had to get a move on with them so this morning while Sam was engossed in his train set i decided to set my timer and see how nmuch i could get done. I'd already done the cutting out previously but I was surprised how quick they came together. They need a really good press but by the time i had sewn them my tiner was about to beep and sam had built an extra track on my sewing room floor so there was no room to get the ironing board out.

I was scared stiff about putting the zip in as I have only done it once before and it wasnt very successful. Last night I did a search of tutorials on how to put a zip in and came across a whole selection on you tube. This one was by far my favourite I followed it exactly and it was surprisingly easy even with a regular foot on my machine rather than the zipper foot so many people say is essential.

I'm really happy with them and actually looking forward to the other three now. What do you think?

Just noticed that they are slightly off centre but I think once they are pressed, stuffed and in place you won't notice anyway. 

My zip!!!!!

My handsome little man offered to hold it for me to take his picture! so cute!! 

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