Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Japanese folded patchwork tote bag

Well my little Sammy isn't very well. That means no school which means no college for me this afternoon. We had just short of a month off for Christmas and with missing this week and last week that makes 6 weeks off. Better make sure I've made a good dent in my sewing before I go back next week!
I've finished the cushion front for my hexagon cushion:

so that can be finished off at next college session I hope. Need to find out best way to finish it, and get over my fear of zips!! 

The next project is a Japanese folded patchwork tote bag. Here are a few similar examples:

http://silktownstitchers.blogspot.com/  (apologies this link goes to main page but they do not have separate pages for separate entries) 

I also like these two: 

The instructions I have are for two 9 square sides (3x3) and a 4 inch gusset. The instructions call for 2 long straps like the blue one in the last example but after looking for examples to show you I'm very drawn to either one long cross body strap if I decide to use it as a handbag which is much more me. BUT (lol isn't there always a but!) I love the ones with the hoop handles too. Decisions, decisions! or maybe I'll just have to make a few!!! 

I originally wanted to make the bag out of denim but as it is hand sewn and at certain points you are sewing through a number of layers my tutor advised me to stick to a simple cotton or polycotton. The fabric I chose was listed on ebay as denim colour but as you risk when buying fabric without actually seeing it that's not how I would have described it. It's a similar blue to the one in the last example but lighter, hoping it will still look ok though. I wanted a variety of coloured fabrics for the inserts but as I don't yet have enough scraps I ordered a pack of ready cut 4 inch squares off ebay. This turned out to be a great decision and I have enough for this bag and either another one the same size and a smaller one or a matching big one. 

I got all the templates cut out this morning and will try and get all the fabric cut out this evening. I'll try and remember to take plenty of photos and get a tutorial written up. 

Speaking of tutorials I've taken pictures of my cushion front at the beginning of this post and am working on a tutorial for that too. I was hoping to have it ready for my 100th post but as this is post 99 that may not happen but I promise to try! 

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