Friday, 14 January 2011

craft room organisation redo - progress

OK so I've made pretty good progress in my room despite a few hiccups. I decided that rather than spend the money I would try and re-purpose and reuse whatever I could. So I shopped in my own house first where I found:
* a white metal shelf unit just perfect for holding my fabric
* our two suitcases that we use for holidays fitted perfectly under the bed
* a full body pillow that I hadn't got on with in bed as it took up too much room but now turned the spare bed into more of a sofa than a bed
* 2 red cushions that no longer match our living room colour scheme
* my sparkly 'create' letters that I had forgotten about
I also have coming:
* 2 more of the white floating shelves that hubby is taking down from our old house (getting them on the weekend)
* 6 large wide but shallow cardboard boxes that my mum had exam papers delivered in. I'll pick these up Sunday and with the lid covered in pretty wrapping paper they will look perfect where the TV used to be.
So here are the before and after photos:


* It looks much better with the ironing board and the clothes airer folded when not using (that was just lazy really wasn't it)
* although ironing mountain is still there it doesn't look quite so unruly folded
* I've shortened the legs on my perching chair that I use to cook and iron when my legs/pelvis are bad so that Sam can use it as a computer chair and it only takes 2 minutes to make it longer when needed
* I've used sticky hooks on the front of the shelf to hang my LDS banners. I like seeing them on display and it also keeps them flat inbetween sales. 
* I've started clearing the unused programmes off the old desktop pc so that Sam can play on it when I'm crafting
* I still need to tackle the large storage cupboard as it's chaos in there but one thing at a time right! 


* I've cleared the desk so that my sewing machine overlocker/serger are set up permanently. I need to make dust covers for them both and learn to use the overlocker  
* I found the second metal drawer unit in the garage and stacked one on top of each other they make a perfect height for my TV and DVD player and perfect storage for sewing accessories + notions. They've seen better days as I've had them since i was a teenager and they've been through several house moves so now that I've finally invested in some mod podge they seem to be looking like a good first project. 
* There is still a large pile of unfinished items and works in progress under the desk so plan is to get working on those and other than college projects not to start anything new until I've made a large dent in these. 


* I've cleared the top of the unit behind the bed and now have room to keep my cricut out so hopefully I'll use it more and not forget I have it. 
* I've moved my completed scrapbooks so they are now on display and can be looked at and appreciated more often. Sam loves looks looking at the pages I scrapbooked from when he was a baby. 
* I'm not sure about my create letters on the shelf as they keep falling over so I think I'll hot glue them to the front of the shelves
* now that my room looks so nice I'm even more inspired to get my quilt finished as this one is actually one of Sam's spare ones. 



* much decluttering (helped by gaining space under the bed) 
* Lizzie (my dress form) is now out where she will hopefully be used more often 
* Fabric stored on shelf - this is my entire fabric collection and it looks so small compared to some of the ones I've seen in blogland. 
* the space on the top of the cupboard is ready for the storage boxes once I pick them up from mum. The plan is to store my materials in the suitcases under the bed and the finished items ready to sell in the boxes so that they are ready to grab and go if I get an offer of a craft fair or if I do get my online shop up and running. 

So what do you think? Any feedback is always appreciated. 


  1. I saw this:

    and thought of your create letters. Maybe you could do something like this.

  2. its looking goog girl! i darent post pictures of my crafting space! i may get reported to health and safety!

  3. Looking better, well done, I hate throwing out and have loads of clutter lol
    Tilly x

  4. had a look at the frames, they are perfect!!!! thank you so much

  5. Thanks Tilly. I used to be terrible about keeping things but then I discovered flylady ( and now I'm much better at getting rid of junk.

  6. Whoo hoo! Great job on organizing and making progress! Thanks for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party!


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