Friday, 7 January 2011

craft room organisation redo - Again!!!

Ok so my craft/sewing room isn't working for me and I really need to make a few changes in there. My budget is tight (£50 Christmas money from my father in law) make that very tight!! and I'm somewhat limited to what I can move as some things like the bed unit and the shelf unit are fitted to the wall and it also needs to function for ironing, clothes drying, housing the freezer and spare bed for when we have guests or I'm to ill to get up the stairs. 
Here are the before pictures complete with mess! and a list of what I am planning to do for that area:

Height under bed 31cm
Bed size approx.  198cm x 71cm

·         * Spare bed to move from under bed as not working being used as a drawer as too heavy (we took the mattress out and stored it under Sam's bed and we were using the bed frame as a pull out drawer. Great in theory, not so good in practice)
·         * LDS stuff (the craft business I'm in the process of starting) to move from top of unit to under bed
·       *   Shredder + paper bin to stay in front of bookcase where they are now
·        *  Sam’s computer desk to stay as it is – Need to get this running so he can use it! (needs a good clean up and programmes that he wont use taken off so it will run his educational games and the internet without crashing every 5 minutes!)
·        *  Some things from red shelves can move to new shelf above window so very favourite things can be displayed here
·         * Utilise safe storage inside red clock for scissors/knives etc
·        *  Curtain across front of bed base to match curtains – hang on standard curtain wire
·        *  8 x pappis boxes would take up approx. half under bed space
·         * Rest of underbed for occasionally used/ugly things like laminator

·        * Move Lizzie (my dress form - yes I named her!!) out so she is more accessible
·         * Clear desk so nothing on there except sewing machine + overlocker. Try and find another home or use for purple cupcake holder
·         * Tuck red box on wheels (things i need for college that week) under desk when not in use and grey sewing tool box (again college) on right leg shelf
·        *  In progress projects + UFOs in wicker basket to remain on shelf of left leg
·        *  Pink basket to go back to holding clothes to be ironed
·        *  Shelf above window for display use of things rarely/never used. Shallow shelf 19cm instead of regular 28cm. Bracket either side and joining bracket in middle
·         * New curtain wire fitted inside window alcove - need to make a curtain to go on this! 
·         * New shelf unit in space to right hand side to house fabric folded and box on top for scraps. OK so the IKEA pine one doesnt match my existing furniture but I cant afford one that does) 
·         PRO: fabric can be seen better so I don't forget what I have, it looks nice, easier to get to
·         CON: dust (ok as don’t wash till using anyway) fading (this is a dark corner of room so shouldn't be a problem)
·        *  Coloured pots that were on rails to be mounted on side of shelves for frequently used items
·          * Empty scrapbooking paper scraps from silver drawers (haven't been used for months) so they can be used for sewing supplies should fit to right hand side of desk I hope?
·        *  Laminator etc to go under bed
·       *   Hook in easily accessible place such as front of fabric unit for metre ruler

·         * Tidy + Declutter - didn't realise how messy it was till I took this picture
·         * Grey box + red box will have moved to under desk
·        *  Move notions from bottom left shelf to silver drawers as keep falling out of filing boxes
·         * LDS storage under bed so that trolley can be flattened
·         * Cut out templates from Thomas box so that can go
·        *  Smaller unusued items from shelves will move to shelf above window
·        *  Magazine rack? For storage of templates where yellow tubs are currently - need to think this one through maybe?
·         * Once other white floating shelf is up above other one the box of cherished teddies can finally unpacked. (I mean we only moved in here in August! LOL)
·        *  Desk lamp over to other side of desk (only the close up lamp works but as usual my room ends up as home for things with no home!) will see if it is useful

·         * Sort out the ironing mountain - I know it's bad!!
·       *   Ironing board to stay folded unless being used – iron will fit on shelf under pink rail
·        *  Another white floating shelf above this one for rest of cherished teddies
·         * Any ironing (from current week only - must not let it build up) to live in pink basket on top of chair so these combined will come out to just past door.
* Clothes airer can then move further away from door giving more room to get in and out
* keep a look out for folding table to use for cutting table as currently using floor! 

So my IKEA shopping list for tomorrow looks like this: (well for now anyway!) 

ProductQuantityTotal priceIn stockBuy online
Total price£47.41


  1. You have lifted a great weight. Your ironing pile has a twin.
    I thought I was the only one, now I feel so much better x
    Thank you oh and have fun tomorrow x

  2. LOL Judith so glad to know it's not just mine!!


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