Thursday, 13 January 2011

Catching the organising bug! Sam's train sets

Sammy is obsessed with trains and probably has enough to start his own network!! He definitely has enough to cause an organisational nightmare! Previously we stored them in one big toy box but the addition of a new 80 piece set for Christmas made finding the piece you were looking for hard work and he would frequently overturn the whole box onto the living room floor looking for that certain train or truck.
After seeing all the fabulous organisational challenges going on this month around blogland (links to follow) I was feeling inspired to improve how we stored his trains. So yesterday I had half an hour to kill before school pickup and was passing poundstretcher so I decided to pop in.
I was pleased to find these brightly coloured boxes 3 for £5

I bought 6 but think I will probably pop back for 3 more on the weekend. Sam and I sat down yesterday afternoon and decided how to divide them up. We decided on:
* buildings 1
* buildings 2
* straight brown track
* curved brown track
* blue track/ grey road
* trains & trucks
I was planning on taking photos to help him remember what went in each box but he is remembering really well so I don't think that is necessary. They stack well, are small enough for him to carry by himself and I no longer have messy piles of track to trip me up! He looks happy with it too doesn't he!

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