Friday, 28 January 2011

Board for sam's magnets

Sam has got a few sets of magnets to help him learn his words and numbers. They are designed for use on the fridge but I found we weren't getting much use out them plus they kept getting knocked off and made cleaning the fridge a nightmare.
It had been on my to do list for a while but I couldn't think how to solve the issue. Then over Christmas I saw lots of posts where people had made magnetic advent calendars and it seemed just the solution I needed so today I made this:

And I recycled some IKEA jars to hold the sets to keep them tidy and separate.

I tried to get him to have his picture taken with it seen as he was dressed up nice for his class party today but he refused :-( luckily I had some I took earlier today!!

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  1. a good idea to keep them together and tidy

  2. Thanks Tilly, yes it's working realy well and it means we can practice them sat on the sofa when I'm not well.


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