Saturday, 11 December 2010

Ornament re-do.

Remember the ornaments we made in college a few weeks ago? Well I've been looking at them ever since and just not been happy with them. I didn't like the way that despite me pressing them with a very hot steam iron and pinning them just as instructed they didn't follow the curve of the polystyrene balls like I felt they should and ended up more oval than round.
Although the fabric is arranged in layers so that the pins are hidden I decided to add pins at the points of the triangles too so that they followed the shape of the balls better, for me being able to see the pins was still better than having funny shaped baubles! Because the pins were now visible at certain points I decided to make a feature of them and on one of the baubles I added a thick red strip with lots of pins in and on the other a gold ribbon again with more pins than was necessary to just hold it in place. I think they look much better and will now get pride of place on my tree!

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