Saturday, 25 December 2010

Look what santa brought me!!!!

OK so Santa (aka my mum!) brought me these:

here are the Amazon links:

I'm a very very happy girl!!! The quilting in no time book I've actually seen some projects from when I did a patchworking course back in June 2010 and I have to try the sofa throw (that is in the excerpt viewable on amazon luckily enough) as it looks fantastic made up. And the Cath Kidston book is great as I'm really into her patterns and colours at the moment. I did have a lovely mug with one of her designs on but one day during a flare I lost all strength in my hands and dropped it on the kitchen tiles :-( I was hoping that Santa might bring me a new one but it looks like he forgot. Maybe next year. I'm off to plan some more projects for my ever growing to make list!! 
Leigh xx 


  1. Yeah! Santa (aka Hubby) brought me the 66 spool metro thread package I had been drooling over. Those books look really good!

  2. wow Kimberlee you are lucky! I never get anything crafty off my husband cos if I'm subtle he misses the hints and if I ask outright he won't get it cos then it won't be a surprise! LOL Luckily my mum is good and father in law always me money so I treat myself.

  3. Gosh, Leigh, my hubby is the same, mind you I did hin BIG time about the iPad and I did get it, so the trick is not to ask outright or subtle hints, but BIG hints! LOL
    You'll have to educate me about the blogging and linky parties and stuff - I need more traffic and followers to my blog!

  4. no problem Nic will see what I can do xx


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