Wednesday, 29 December 2010

I was featured at the sugar bee craft edition! How happy am I right now!!!

So After her linky party Mandy always features the blog that had the highest number of views from their link and this time there were 6 of us all tied for the top spot. I'm so excited right now!!! I even woke my poor hubby up to show him (he pretended to be impressed LOL)

So we got home from our lovely relaxing holiday this evening, I spent about 6 hours of the journey taking fabric onto hexagons to make a cushion cover for a college project and then a couple of hours this evening laying them out ready to sew together. I've taken lots of photos so I can hopefully get a tutorial written soon (hoping I can get it done in time for my 100th post). My fabric for my bag project that I was supposed to start ready  for college next Tuesday still hasn't arrived so I'm hoping that turns up soon.
Tomorrow will be unpacking cases and laundry and first thing tomorrow I'm off to town to get my new iphone!!! Another source of excitement - can this day get any better?!? Anyway I'm already up way too late and missing my afternoon naps from holiday so I'm going to give up the fight with my eyelids.
Night all
Leigh xx

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  1. Big Congrats!! - I think it'd be so fun to have a quilting bag on the go!


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