Saturday, 11 December 2010

Christmas traditions

I was reading on another blog (link to follow when I find it again!!) about christmas traditions.
Found it!!!
There was one post about how the lady's children each had one new ornament a year which summed them up and showed their main interest at that point in their life. These ornaments were labelled and kept in their own box with the child's name one so that every year the child added their own ornaments to the family tree. When the child grew up an married or left home they then had a set of ornaments to take with them.
I realised that I'd been doing something similar for Sammy but not been dating them and had just thrown them in the box with all the other decorations. So this year I got them all out and sorted them into which year they were bought (its only his 4th christmas so that wasn't too hard) and labelled them on the back with a sharpie. I bought him a plastic storage box so that when the tree comes down on January 3rd (it always comes down the day before his birthday) they can go away in their own box ready for next year. He's got 2 more ornaments to come this year to add to the green and glass one in the far right row (doesn't show up very well on the rug sorry) but they are wrapped in his stocking.


  1. awesome! WE love I'm sure sammy will love his!!! thanks for letting me know!


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