Friday, 22 October 2010

Thomas braces

Sam is a tall slim child so he often ends up with trousers falling down as they are too big on his waist. I struggle with belts as most of them are D rings and my fingers can't cope with undoing them and when you've got a 3 year old desperate for the toilet speed is important!
We bought a couple of pairs of braces off ebay but I came up with the idea of making my own. I bought half a metre of Thomas fabric off ebay and used maybe 1/3 of it. I used my bias tape maker to make 2 long strips and sewed them closed.
Then I attached one end of each strip to the clips I bought off ebay (think they are called suspender clips). Then I bribed sam to stand still for more than 20 seconds and clipped them onto the back of his jeans then crossed them and marked with tailors chalk where to sew. Then I clipped the front clips in place, threaded the front of the strips through and again marked where to sew.
All in all took less than an hour and sammy loves them! The pictures aren't great but he's going through a don't take my photo stage at the moment!

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