Tuesday, 12 October 2010

It's finally finished!!

Firstly please excuse the headless photo but that's the best my almost 4 year old could do! LOL

OK so rather than being excited to wear this top now that its finally finished I'm sick of the sight of the damn thing! For a first attempt at a top and of working from my own pattern its not bad I suppose it is at least wearable I just can't help be disappointed as I had such high hopes. If the fabric hadn't been so expensive (and pink!!) I'd probably have abandoned it ages ago.
Problems I had and how I solved them:
* cut too narrow - inserted a panel down each side to make it wider which of course with the patchwork fabric you can't notice
* neck cut too low (kept trying to straighten it out and it got lower and lower) and issues with bias binding causing neck to curl out - took a fitted t-shirt and attached top to it around neckline.
* underestimated amount of bias binding and ran out before could do bottom of top. - folded under a hem and completed with a zigzag stitch in the same pink as the bias binding.

What do you think?

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