Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Christmas plant pots

This seemed like a good way to give Sam a crafty task but showcase it in an ordered way.
1. I took 3 basic terracotta pots which I managed to find on sale a few weeks ago in Tesco for around 30p. I painted them with 3 coats of white acrylic primer.

2. I cut out christmas trees and stars using my sizzix machine but they could just as easily have been cut out by hand.
3. I gave Sam free reign with some PVA glue, a paint brush, small felt pompoms and silver snowflakes. He had great fun and for anyone looking to try this they are easy to find I picked these up from Tesco for about £2.
4. Sam and I did the glitter together as otherwise I'd be hoovering it up for months!!
5. Once everything is dry I then just stuck the decorated shapes onto the front of the pots.
6. I'll pop a potted poinsettia into them just before christmas and they'll make nice grandparents presents.

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