Sunday, 31 October 2010

Autumn quilt festival

Went on a trip to the Autumn quilt festival at Malvern today. Had a great time but spent too much money! LOL.
Got the batting for my patchwork quilt so I'm inspired to get working on that again soon. Treated myself to some beautiful bright striped fleece to back it with too. Got a couple of large Thomas the tank panels for sam's quilt and 2 lots of 1/2 metre of christmas thomas fabric to make a stocking and a christmas sack.
Got some stunning christmas fabrics and a couple of kits to make christmas decorations. Also got some fabric to make new cushion covers for the throw cushions on our sofa, some fabric to make a liner for the basket on my walker, some fabric to make a half apron possibly unless I think of another use maybe a handbag?? Also picked up some fabric and some minky to make myself a scarf, a chalk pencil and a free motion foot for my machine. Also did a workshop on making sparkly stockings which I started at stocking at and need to finish. So think I've got plenty of projects lined up for the winter months!
Also managed to pick up the current issues of 2 magazines I'd not seen before and back issues of them for £1 and 50p so got plenty of inspiration too!!
Shattered now so off to bed!
Have attached a couple of pictures of some of the beautiful quilts on display.

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