Wednesday, 4 August 2010

On the move

Sewing projects are temporarily on hold as we are moving house. Made myself a lovely 'packing' apron out of the back part of an old pair of jeans that had split between the legs. The one pocket holds my notebook and pen while the other holds my coloured markers and sticky labels for colour coding boxes. I then attached 3 strips of elastic to hold scissors, tape and my timer. Its been absolutely invaluable and I will turn it into a cleaning apron once we move.

Got loads of sewing projects once we move as where we are currently isn't really overlooked so we don't have blinds other than blackout roller blinds on the bedrooms but the new house will need something to cover the windows in all the downstairs rooms. Going to get some plain white voile and make a channel at the top to hold it inside the window with some tension wire. Exisiting curtains can mostly be recycled with a few minor alterations.

My sewing room is also going to double as the guest bedroom and this is where the majority of my work is going to be. Planning on rewarding myself 30 mins of sewing for every 2 boxes unpacked. Going to make a removal patchwork quilt cover, cushion covers and attempt to recover my rocking chair too. Very excited!!!

Photos to follow soon!!


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