Thursday, 22 July 2010

cushion from recycling class

Here is the cushion we made last term in recycling class. It's made from men's shirts from the charity shop and the edging was an old bed valance.
The design is quite simple as many of us are beginners but it's very effective and looks stunning on my rocking chair.
To Make:
* Cut 16 x 2.5 inch squares from old men's shirts (cut from the back as you'll need the front later) This looks effective with a mixture of shirts or just 2.
* sew together into rows of 4. Using a quarter inch seam (I use the edge of my sewing machine foot as a guide) then sew the rows together to form a square.
5. Place the square onto a piece of plain cotton to use as a backing 14inches square tack in place at corners.
Cut a heart shape out of paper and pin to the centre of your square. Using a striaght stitch in a colour that shows up follow the shape of the heart stitching just outside it, don't worry if you go over the paper slightly it will tear away. Once all the way around remove the template. Following the heart line sew on buttons to decorate. These can be a few spaced out well or lots closer togther. You can also use matching buttons or assorted.
6. Cut 2 strips of edging fabric 2 inches wide by 9 inches long. Lay right side down over one side of your patchwork square. Sew a quarter inch seam along the outside edge of your square. Fold strip outwards and press flat. Repeat on opposite side.
Cut 2 more strips 2 inches wide but this time 12 inches long. Repeat attachment procedure as previous but this time continue the sewn line along from the squares and along the first set of edging strips. Fold back and press.
7. Trim you backing to the same size as your now edged square. Your fron panel is now complete and ready to assemble your cushion. Choose one of the shirt fronts that you saved when cutting out your squares. Trim as close as possible to the side seams and up to the collar and then striaght across. You should now have a flat piece of fabric with buttons down the centre and depending on the shirt a pocket. Centre your patchwork panel right side down on top of the prepared shirt front right side up. Pin and stitch around all 4 sides.
Turn right side out through the buttoned opening. Push out all corners and pull seams square.
Now just insert your cushion panel and button up.
Do send me pics if you have a go.


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