Sunday, 27 June 2010

DIY Dress form

OK so after the materials sitting there for weeks we had a baby free weekend and so finally had time to make my dress form. There are tons of tutorials out there and videos on you tube one of the best being from Threadbanger (although they use water activated packing tape rather that duct tape).
Its not as easy as it looks and we had a slight disaster midway when I realised we'd underestimated the amount of tape we'd need and hubby had to go buy more while I wandered around the lounge unable to sit down and barely able to move my arms!! But she's all finished now and I'm just waiting for him to fashion me some kind of stand so that I can use her at my same height for hemming etc.
Off for a lie down now as in 23c heat doing that really took it out of me. Want to finish off my shired maxi dress before we head off to pick up Sammy this afternoon. Will get some more pictures posted soon.

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